Globalization and sustainability can go together this is the challenge of IFM Ltd. Ethics and sustainability become so growth factor and strategic positioning for the company. The adoption of social responsibility procedures, for IFM is not a luxury, but a competitive strategy. Based on the principles of the United Nations Global Contact, IFM promotes sustainable development logics investing in the selection of suppliers, in relations with local communities, pursuing contractual transparency, looking after the relationships with customers and employees. With the globalization of markets and supplies, supply chain control becomes an essential element of business sustainability. The company is putting in place a series of actions at suppliers aimed at environmental protection and labor standards. The checks on the application of guidelines for the assessment of the life cycle of products are integrated with other targeted tests to evaluate more generally the initiatives taken on ethics and sustainability, such as respect for the principles of business ethical conduct and procedures to ensure the health, safety and workers’ rights. The central point of our organizational action is to improve workplace safety, to promote the application of the principle of non-discrimination, protect the health of workers, the right to privacy, the principle of equal opportunities.