IFM is able to provide, among other services, technical consulting in the field of catering, defining quality standards and the means of control, in order to:

– develop the service charter regarding catering: public, business, scholastic and hospital canteens, as well as special menus: food preparations alternatives for allergies and/or intolerances;

– design and test the meals production process in the collective catering using control techniques and productive systems warranty;

– establish the technical and logistical characteristics of the spaces;

– design dining spaces and set a lay-out for the production flows;

– provide advice on legislation of supply logistics sector through the management and storage of raw materials and food preservation techniques;

– develop systems concerning assessment criteria of hygienic safety;

– make education and training of personnel handling of products making sure that he is in good health and he has received adequate training on health risks;

– develop self-control plans according to HACCP system in order to offer a design and a wide-ranging assistance capable of ensuring a packet “turnkey”.