The mode of user consumption reward other values than in the past such as the variety, the chance to experiment, the lightness. In our plants there are light lines born as an intervention of enlargement of the canteen menus proposal, for the wellness and a balanced diet; vegan lines created to meet the needs of those who interprets the food as philosophy of life, choosing nutritional models based on the consumption of cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. By the analysis of the menu, the combinations of ingredients, the weights and the cooking methods of the canteen our operative team has given shape to a nutritional project ample and varied. Our selection is made according to the following principles: choice of products according to the season, low calorie foods, use of seasonings to raw, preferably in the composition of the menu of cereals for the supply of proteins and fibers, selection of foods with low fat content. The excellence of the food, the creativity of our chef, the talents and skills of our managerial units, are the perfect ingredients that allow IFM to respond with operational efficiency to new market trends.