Our clients are not occasional and, over the years, loyalty policies enabled by the company have made possible to ensure an integrated and continuous service. We consider absolutely in rigorous manner nutritional and hygienic aspects with constant quality standards that fit, gradually, to the changing and different needs of users. The menu is always the result of a joined work team, consisting of experienced chefs, nutritionists, unit manager, area manager, with the advice of specialized medical staff. All work stages are cured in every details, each step has a tight control in synergy with purchasing policies. IFM provides tradition, good food, selected and supervised raw materials, safety and quality certified for schools, companies, hospitals, clinics, residences for the elderly, both public and private. Personal service and constant customer listening are the strengths of IFM, focus on which insist to create competitive advantage and anticipate needs. The IFM’s offer to public and private authorities consists of catering services that use technologies and cutting-edge cooking methods, diversified and tailored solutions. All production procedures, packaging, transportation and distribution are certified.