IFM is a food service company which operates throughout the country taking a qualitative leadership in the field. Founded by an entrepreneurial idea of Francesco Romano, who since 1979 has been working in the restaurant industry and food production, it had a strong development to deploy approximately 7 million meals annually, with customers throughout Italy, thanks to the precious contribution of its 700 employees, through which can ensure hygienically and nutritionally valuable products capable of responding to the most varied needs of its customers.

Exponential economic growth, due to the professionalism of human resources, has rewarded the efforts of bringing the company to occupy leading positions in different sectors: corporate catering, commercial catering, technical consultancy, catering services, project investments, industrial and civil cleaning services, gardening and porterage.

Francesco Romano today continues to lead the company with success, aiming to reach even more ambitious goals, keeping strong and lives the inspiration and motivation, widely shared with his Team.